The essential utilities. Some of them were for technologies that no longer exist, like recovering files from a damaged CD-R or viewing analog TV. Most of these will make your time at the console much easier.


FIREHOSE Send data over ganged network devices.

These can be compiled with straight gcc -o <output> <.c file> -lm

RPN Simple RPN calculator for the command line.
Roughly emulates the HP48 calculator. Hex, bin, decimal, time arithmetic. Logical operators.

STOPWATCH Simple stopwatch for the command line.

STOPWATCH2 A better stopwatch for the command line.

TERMINAL Simple serial terminal for the command line.

BANDWIDTH Show the bandwidth usage of a network device.

RT Run a program without preemptive multitasking.

BINDIFF Give file offsets where 2 binary files are different.

EXTRACT Extract a range of data from a file.

PHOTOS Extract deleted JPG photos from a corrupted file system.

GPSTOGOOG Convert a TXT file from the GPSLogger android app to a KML file.

SEARCHREPLACE Search & replace for multiple files.

UDPSEND UDPRECV Transfer data using UDP.

RUNREMOTE Run a program remotely. SSH can do this, but this has no dependencies.

COMMAND Run any program on a web server & send the output to the browser.

DOG Like cat, but waits for data after the file is deleted.

TV A simple analog TV which used software blitting instead of the hardware overlay which never worked. Analog TV on a computer screen was a miracle in its time.


Plot the field of view of various lenses on a map. It's only 2D, but still useful.


The free ride with Goog ended at the Play store. To put an app on the Play store costs $25 & a lifetime of you supporting customers to boost the GOOG stock price, so why not just provide source code.

AUDIO LOOPBACK Monitor the microphone level with optional speaker loopback & reverb.
Use the popup level meter to know if the microphone is working during phone calls. INSTALL

CPU USAGE Realtime graph of the CPU usage & clockspeed of all the CPUs.
Overlays a popup window on other applications showing CPU usage. INSTALL

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