The essential utilities. Some of them were for technologies that no longer exist, like recovering files from a damaged CD-R or viewing analog TV. Most of these will make your time at the console much easier.


FIREHOSE Send data over ganged network devices.

These can be compiled with straight gcc -o <output> <.c file> -lm

RPN Simple RPN calculator for the command line.
Roughly emulates the HP48 calculator. Hex, bin, decimal, time arithmetic. Logical operators.

STOPWATCH Simple stopwatch for the command line.

TERMINAL Simple serial terminal for the command line.

BANDWIDTH Show the bandwidth usage of a network device.

RT Run a program without preemptive multitasking.

BINDIFF Give file offsets where 2 binary files are different.

EXTRACT Extract a range of data from a file.

PHOTOS Extract deleted JPG photos from a corrupted file system.

GPSTOGOOG Convert a TXT file from the GPSLogger android app to a KML file.

SEARCHREPLACE Search & replace for multiple files.

UDPSEND UDPRECV Transfer data using UDP.

RUNREMOTE Run a program remotely. SSH can do this, but this has no dependencies.

COMMAND Run any program on a web server & send the output to the browser.

DOG Like cat, but waits for data after the file is deleted.

TV A simple analog TV which used software blitting instead of the hardware overlay which never worked. Analog TV on a computer screen was a miracle in its time.


Plot the field of view of various lenses on a map. It's only 2D, but still useful.


The free ride with Goog ended at the Play store. To put an app on the Play store costs $25 & a lifetime of you supporting customers to boost the GOOG stock price, so why not just provide source code.

AUDIO LOOPBACK Monitor the microphone level with optional speaker loopback & reverb.
Use the popup level meter to know if the microphone is working during phone calls. INSTALL

CPU USAGE Realtime graph of the CPU usage & clockspeed of all the CPUs.
Overlays a popup window on other applications showing CPU usage. INSTALL

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