Introducing Mix2005, a graphical volume control for ALSA. Mix2005 is the ALSA version of our old Mix2000 program, salsa enhanced you might say. Unlike Mix2000, Mix2005 does not support OSS. It was developed from the ground up to support ALSA, which is the current rewrite of the Linux sound interface. Mix2005 tries to customize its interface based on what ALSA says the soundcard can support.


Mix2005 shows you one column with the names of parameters and another column with the values for the parameters. If a parameter requires different values for each channel, the values for each channel are lined up horizontally.

Right click anywhere in the Mix2005 window to bring up a menu. The menu has several options.

Configure... - This brings up a window containing every parameter available on the soundcard. They are listed in the same order as they are in the main window. Click on a parameter to toggle it as visible or invisible. Click and drag across multiple parameters to set all of them to the same value. Close the window to have the settings applied.

Lock Channels - If this is enabled, then when you adjust one value on a parameter which has multiple channels, all the other channels follow the change in the one value.

Lock Elements - If this is enabled, then when you adjust a value for one parameter, all the other parameters with the same name get adjusted by the same amount.

Read Hardware - Sometimes the hardware ignores values set by Mix2005 and what you see on the screen isn't what's really on the soundcard. Read hardware causes Mix2005 to read the settings currently on the hardware.

Save Settings - If you want to use the current settings after quitting and restarting Mix2005, this option saves them.

There is no support or warranty for Mix2005.


7/2/06 - The latest version instantly shows changes in the main window when the configure window is open. It uses the system ALSA libraries since those are now standard in Fedora. Support is migrated to ALSA 1.0.11.

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