8/5/11 Cinelerra 4.3 drops + an update for Mix2005 which reduces the dependancies.

10/15/10 Cinelerra 4.2 drops.

6/10/10 New update of VicaCopter HQ with photos, videos, & a new download of the latest sourcecode.

5/26/10 Unemployed again like everyone else. The greater depression finally reached us.

5/15/10 Heroinewarrior.com is exactly 10 years old today! Named after Pat Benetar & heroines who don't exist, Heroinewarrior.com was conceived exactly 10 years ago today to promote heroine warriors, but somehow ended up being about image processing & aerospace, completely unrelated topics? The corporation was named Heroine Virtual Ltd. after the impossibility of our vision. Perhaps someday we'll get more relevant content up. Heroine Virtual Ltd. was actually invented around 1998.

9/24/09 Cinelerra 4.1 is available. We have 64 bit binaries for Fedora 11 & Ubu 9.04. The main feature is nested sequences.

10/8/08 Sourceforget closed all ssh services, disabled php3 support, & moved the vhost IP address for a second time. Slowly re-enabling functionality during the latest migration.

8/11/08 Finally updated the Heroinewarrior story. The current day job isn't as anal retentive about rank as the last one. The last one didn't tolerate workers taking on anything more ambitious than their bosses. These days were going simpler and trying to make the interface get out of the way, contrary to Web 2.0 doctrine.

3/10/07 A new Cinelerra production called The Sunset Movie is in the SCREENING ROOM. This was a substantial use of Cinelerra and still cameras to make very high quality video.

7/1/06 The binary packages have been discontinued. There isn't enough of a dominant Linux distribution anymore and the distributions change their libraries too fast to justify binaries anymore. There are still forks who distribute binaries but don't support all our features.

With that out of the way, it's time for Cinelerra 2.1. Download it NOW. It finally supports OPEN-GL 2.0! That's right kids. Now you can have the power of an SGI Onyx in your very own Linux box. The most common effects support Open-GL but others don't.

Also important in this release is LIVE AUDIO and LIVE VIDEO routing to the timeline, when configured successfully. They're completely useless features that are great fun.

1/16/05 Put some Stardust re-entry projects in the screening from for you to enjoy Cinelerra's floating point tools with.

9/12/05 Cinelerra 2.0 is out. Experience the power of H.264 encoding and MPEG-4 audio encoding without having to pay for a Quicktime pro license. Import MPEG video directly. Access the high dynamic range of raw digital camera images. Achieve more accurate motion paths with even more curves. Enjoy the manliness of the S.U.V. theme.

8/12/04 Cinelerra 1.2.1, Quicktime 2.0.4 updated. Enter the world of floating point imaging in this release. It's not just a more accurate colorspace, it's a totally new way of thinking about color. Finally, Cinelerra is officially more stable in 64 bit mode than 32 bit mode.

5/11/04 Cinelerra 1.2.0, Quicktime, and Mix2000 updated. Cinelerra has a massive number of small changes. Quicktime finally decodes Sorenson and compressed headers. Mix2000 saves settings in more X Server crashes.

3/15/04 For the first time in 3 years we will be exhibiting at NAB, sharing a space in the Linux Media Arts/Labs booth in the northeast corner of the second floor of the south hall.

2/11/04 Cinelerra 1.1.9 released. This is a landmark since it's probably the first time more code was submitted from the community than internally. A migration to Heroine Kernel 2.6 is planned when the kernel API's stabilize some more. The API's are pretty unstable now.

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