Heroine Virtual is all about giving you the tools you need to turn the impossible into reality. Heroine firefighters, heroine Amazons, heroine football: there are some things you just won't see in theaters no matter how hard you try, so it's time to make your own movies.

Heroine Virtual has produced content creation software for power users since 1996. It all started with one guy sitting behind an early SGI box and being amazed at what something as dull and boring as a UNIX derivative could do. We wanted to take that razzle dazzle moving picture capability to the Linux box.

Heroine Virtual believes in getting amazing things out of one of the most efficient operating systems available. The last seven years have seen a steady increase in size and power of our stuff but it still needs nothing more than a basic Linux box.

Heroine Virtual is not run by heroines but by heroine worshippers: unemployed, financially challenged guys like you, all with a love of big software and heroines but no cash.

One day we'll be converting simple photographs into complete motion pictures in a matter of minutes. In the mean time, you won't find much convenience or stylishness in our tools but hopefully you'll be able to tweek multimedia in ways you never thought of before.


The green heroine was not drawn by us. Long ago, she appeared on a heroine engineer web page at the UF of L. She has long since disappeared. Since then, we added a film segment, new shadows, and made her pick up a steel beam.

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