The latest chromakey algorithm, live video, OpenGL, and fullscreen video make live compositing possible.

The live video effect passes analog TV through the timeline.

Floating point color brings unprecidented range to video monitoring tools.

Mix 6 channel audio for your HDTV movie.

Mixing down 6 channel audio is easy with track routing.

Background rendering looks like a red bar in the timebar and really fast playback.

The histogram and perspective effects bring new possibilities for distortion. The perspective does concave surfaces in stretch mode while doing traditional affine surfacess in perspective mode. Due to the quantization of 8 bits, 8 bit colormodels always generate combs in the histogram while 16 bit colormodels usually generate a smooth histogram.

Your favorite LADSPA plugins are available. Some work in realtime. Some can do multiple tracks simultaneously.

Here a chroma key is applied to a section of video. The sky behind the heroine is removed and her 50,000 watt flamethrower of male breadwinning is composited in.

A common operation is overlapping photos. Several photos are overlayed over time and played with music here.

Large numbers of effects can be layered under tracks. The effects are processed from top to bottom. In this case, the track 1 effects are reused in track 2.

Variable track size has finally made it in. Crop those letterboxes, speed up rendering, and do split screens with the greatest of ease.

Independant bezier masks can be defined for each track, with feathering. Take out those annoying boom microphones, housewives, and airplanes with a flick of the mouse.

The answer is yes, you can edit HDTV on Cinelerra if you have the memory and CPU speed. This also shows how to get your two screen editing fix.

If audio sweetening is your thing, put VU meters on the screens. This also shows some titling.

Advanced track routing lets output of one track become the source of another track, resulting in many possibilities for effects. Here the titlers on two tracks are routed through a rotation and projection on another track, all non destructive and composited on an HDTV scene.

HDTV is very hard to process on a single CPU. If you have a renderfarm, the only limit to performance is network and fileserver speed.

For one power computing freak, Cinelerra is a decent music file playlist, with reverb.

Speaking of audio, this is an audio editing session.

Comparison of the 8 bit and 10 bit YUV codecs. Internal processing was done at 16 bits, generating a 16 bit YUV average of 30 frames. Then it was compressed to the 8 bit and 10 bit codecs to show the difference between the codecs.

Cheap consumer camcorders keep getting cheaper along with their picture quality. Cinelerra can make cheap camcorder video look more like film.

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