Behind every youtube star is a video editor. 20 years ago, editing video was a hobby done with exotic software, but today this humble piece of software is essential for all communication & the fortunes of billions.

Cinelerra is intended to be useful and fast, representing the essential features from 20 years of editing, but not compare in eye candy to the leading commercial editors. By modern standards, it's very minimalist but quick to boot up.


There is a fairly obsolete USER MANUAL but sadly there has never been an easy way to keep documentation up to date with constantly evolving user interfaces.


There are many copies of Cinelerra on other websites with various tweeks, random version numbers, & varying documentation, but this is the distribution they're all derived from. Cinelerra.org supports our work, but donations to other websites do not fund any development on it.

There are many dependancies. Linux derivatives are so incompatible, don't be surprised if the source code requires some tweeks and the binary doesn't work. Downloads have no support or warranty.

SOURCE CODE tested on Ubuntu-14.04.2

64 bit binary tested on Ubuntu-14.04.2. Decompress and run ./cinelerra in the directory.


10/12/17 - Cinelerra 7 Optimized playback of large format video. H.265 decoding. Optimized screen capturing. Spherical camera blending. Eyedropper can show the maximum value. Interpolating CR2 images always white balances. Watch
Secrets of Cinelerra.

11/16 - Cinelerra 6 Updated the h264 decoding. There are no longer picons in the asset window. Motion tracking got major optimizations. Resampling effects got new interfaces. Titler can load subtitle files.

11/11/15 - Cinelerra 4.6.1 Updated the x264 compressor library. Improved the mp3 decoding. Video scaling is now either nearest neighbor or bicubic, but never linear. Proxy editing got a start before discovering modern PCs can easily decode 4k.

9/8/14 - Cinelerra 4.6 Split pane editing. OpenGL supported on Intel HD. Titler improvements. Bugfixes.

10/31/13 - Cinelerra 4.5 Speed curves mainly for video & in degraded quality for audio. Some control over whether automation follows edits. Ability to transfer keyframes between audio and video tracks. Motion temporaries are stored in /tmp/m and /tmp/r files. Time Avg clears the accumulator on keyframes.

9/7/12 - Cinelerra 4.4 Faster startup and responsiveness. Audio oscilloscope. Histogram updates. Audio gap removal. Better recording from webcams. Better live audio processing. Introducing the Bright theme for outdoor use.

8/5/11 - Cinelerra 4.3 has dropped. Mainly, playing around with text to movie synthesis, lots of bug fixes. Turn your script into an instant movie with live updating and seeking, with text to movie.

10/15/10 - Cinelerra 4.2 has arrived. Mainly a bugfix & personal need release. Of main interest might be the "Edit->Align edits" feature, which aligns all the audio edits with the video.
Then there's the keyframe spanning feature, where highlighting a region with keyframe generation on causes effect tweeks to span all the keyframes.
Then there's the fact that all assets are opened in subprocesses so they don't bring down the entire program when they crash.

9/24/09 - Cinelerra 4.1 has arrived. We finally have nested sequences.

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